Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review: Cussons Baby Cream Soft & Smooth

Hello hello  hello.. I love weekend blogging! How are you ladies (and gentlemen)?? Today I will review (again) a product that used for baby, but works for us too! Funny eh? I purchased this product while I was in baby product alley at a supermarket. I thought, this kinda interested! It is Cussons Baby Cream Soft & Smooth. Honestly I don't know the real function of this baby cream, I just thought this is just the same with body lotion for adult (but my friend said that this is for baby ass). Never mind! In fact I looovvveee this product, I choose Almond and Rose oil, and I use it for my hand cream.

This product has very nice smell, and creates smoothness! It is very light, not oily, just like water.. I think this product suits for those who have sensitive skin, considering this product meant for baby (am I right??). So these are the pictures..

This is the packaging. I choose this variant honestly because I love pink! :p

This is the back of the packaging.

This is the cream looks like. Interesting right?? :) Please remember I use this cream for my hand, not my body! hahaha

What I Love?
  • makes my hand really really smooth
  • light and not oily
  • fresh finishing
  • cheap
  • smell so goooddd
  • to many to tell what I love about this product :p
What I Hate?
  • nothing
  • IDR 12000 or more, under IDR 20000 for sure!
  • Yes yes yes
  • Totally

Sooo, who is also using this product?? My mission is to try other baby product, because I'm totally in loovee. :) Do not hesitate to comment or tweet me at @notjustbeauty

Thank you for reading, my readers.. :*


  1. great post!

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  2. Hi I need to buy this cream can you let me know where can I get it in UK or Europe ? please email me on:

    1. Hello there! sorry for late reply. honestly i don't know. have you browsed in the internet? :) sorry...