Sunday, April 29, 2012

April HAUL

Hey, everyone! It's been a while since my last post (I used to post almost everyday). I miss you ladies. :) Today I will post my April Haul! Yeay, this is my first haul actually, because my blog is 1 month old. *big grin* 

Okay, my April haul is the worst ever (but still grateful). Because I shopped just a couple things. That is because I have to save money to my replacement to Bali. Excited at the same time tho! These are things that I bought in April.

1. Eye Tape (I don't know how to call the brand, because it is in Chinese writing)
These are the packaging

I bought the big size eye tape. This is my first time using this size. And it works! Because I have un-even eyelids between my left and right eyes. 

2. Revlon Nail Enamel, #570 Vixen and Professional Double Twist
Left: #570 Vixen Revlon Nail Enamel
Right: Professional Double Twist Instant Base and Top

 I bought them just to add my nail polish color collections. But, I love the double twist nail enamel, smart product! :)

3. L'oreal Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum
These are the packaging.
I love this product very much. It makes my hair really smooth and glowing. Want me to review this product further more? Please write in comment below!

So, that's it my April Haul. Just a little beauty products. I'll make sure I will give more next month. And FYI, I move to Bali to have my career. For the next post, I will share about Balinese beauty product too, because Bali has A LOT of beauty product. And of course, some pictures that will make you jealous! *evil laugh* 

What do you think of my April haul? If you want me to review more of those products above, please let me know! You can comment or tweet me @notjustbeauty. :)

Thank you for reading, my readers. :*

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beauty Trend: 2 Colors Nail

Hey, everyone! Do you this new beauty trend? I tried it myself, but honestly I don't really like it because I use soft color. Actually, this kind of nail colors should use bold and brave color, I was just not in the mood. What do you think? :)

Nail polish: Skin Food BR 608

Nail polish: Skin Food PK 215'

Do you like it? It's not a brave color, but unique enough! I will try other colors and I will share to you ladies. You can comment or tweet me @notjustbeauty

Thank you for reading, my readers. :*


Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Skin Care Routine (Face and Body)

Hey, everyone! For me, skin is very important part of our body, especially for us women. We want our skin look beautiful (mostly want to look super-white). And for me, beside I keep my skin from the inside by consuming healthy food, I also treat my skin from the outside. That's why today I will share to you ladies about my skin care products, both my face and my body.

But first of all, women are sensitive about getting older, I mean look older. So, I think we should treat our skin well from young age. I start to care about my skin since I'm in Junior High School. Because, in that time, we usually get active everyday. My face skin type is combination but more to dry. It will get oily in T areas such as forehead, nose, and my chin. So, when I have my period, pimples coming out on those places. Stressful! But luckily my skin recovers immediately.

I will share about my skin care products, and the schedule to use the products (very complete!).

Let's start from my face skin routine.

1. Clean and Clear Clear Fairness Cleanser
This is my ultimate cleanser! I love this product, and I have been using this brand from Junior High School. But I started to use Fairness Cleanser about 6 years ago. Actually this product is for teenager, but until now it really suits me. This new design and new formula has rice extract with oil absorbing system and cherry extract. It also has soft whitening beads which can make my face whiter! And my face becomes oil-proof for  longer time! Love it. I use this cleanser every morning and every night in my bath time.

2. Clean and Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser
This is from Clean and Clear too. It has soft beads which can make my face pores smaller than before! I have been using this pore cleanser for 2 months. But I have felt the result. Nice huh? I use this product at night time. Why? because I heard we shouldn't scrub our face everyday. 

3. Clean and Clear Clear Fairness Moisturizer SPF 15
I use this moisturizer for a very long time, I think more than 6 years since the product is launched. I obsessed with not getting dark-skin, so I tried this moisturizer that can make my face look whiter and brighter and not oily at the same time! And it totally works. I have very white face skin, and sometimes my face skin looks whiter than my neck. So, I kinda confused. And what I love about this product is it has SPF. And since I am an active and outdoor person, this product helps me a lot. It protects my skin from the sun. Seriously, no joke. The new version of this moisturizer has cherry extract and rice protein which can make my face fresh for a long time. I use this moisturizer once everyday after my face wash in the morning bath.

4. Clean and Clear Active Clear Speed Clearing Gel
I am a kind of person who use the whole range if I use certain brand of beauty products. And I use this one too. It's actually a gel for treat pimples / acnes. It reduces appereance of acne from 4 hours. And it has salicylic acid formula which works faster than cleansing alone. I use this every time I got acnes on my face. It comes out as gel, which is transparent so by using this won't embarrassed us (at least too much).

5. Ovale Facial Mask Yam Bean
Since I'm obsessed with white skin, I use this product too. It is a facial mask from yam bean. It makes my face smoother, fresher, firm, and brighter. It contains the combination of yam bean extract with vitamin C and E, and enrich with algae extract. It helps me to remove dead skin cells. I use this mask for 10-15 minutes, then I rinse with warm water. I use this once a week.

6. Biore Cleansing Strips Pore Pack
I have black head pores on my nose! I hate it very much. So, I have to clean them with this product. I choose this black one because it is more obvious to see my black head pore after I pull the pore pack. It's kinda grouse but fun, hehe. I use this once a week.

7. Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On
I hate my under-eye! But since I am using this product, it saved me! It is still kinda dark (because I sleep over midnight hours), but it's better than 2 months ago. It says that it will reduce darkness under eye for at least a month. And I have been using this product about 2 months, and I love it. I use this everyday before I go to sleep.

8. Ovale Essential Vitamin Face Lightening
Once again, I'm obsessed! hahaha. This is my face vitamin. It contains Vita White and sunflower oil to lighten my face. But besides that, this product makes my face softer and brighter. I use this every 2 days at night after I wash my face skin.

And these are my body skin care routine (simple one!).

1. Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream
This is my body cleanser that I have been using for a year at least. I really like this product because it contains A LOT. And this shower cream makes my skin really moist than regular soap. It has goat's milk and milk protein to lighten my skin tone. I love this product very much, I use it everyday. (looks like I run out of the shower cream, gotta get refill it!)

2. Shinzui Body Scrub Sakura
I use this for my body scrub. I really like it because it has good smell and makes my skin really smooth. Like, really smooth! I scrub it all over my body my my body still dry. This way makes your skin way more smoother than you apply it on wet skin. I use this product once a week. :)

3. Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow
This product is magic. It makes my skin looks glowing! I always use this lotion every time I use short pants, hehe. It has 24 hours nourishing lotion for soft and glowing skin. It has pure cocoa butter, that's why this lotion smells like chocolate! Nice. I use this in morning time, but not routine, just if I go to places with air conditioner, or when I use short pants.

4. Vaseline Healthy White
Last but not least, this is my ultimate product! I use this product everyday before I go to sleep, after I take my night bath (I always take my bath at night). People say that lotion works while you sleeping, and I totally agree. It makes my skin whiter. I am an active and outdoor person, but this product always works! I never fall asleep before I use this lotion all over my body.


What do you think? Is it a lot? No, I think I have simple treatment for my skin. Simple treatment, but maximal result! I want to know your skin care products too! You can comment, or tweet me @notjustbeauty

Thank you for reading, my readers. :*

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tutorial: My Everyday (Dark) Makeup Look

Hey, everyone! I am so excited today because I will share my 2nd tutorial. *yeay* This is a simple one, like I promise you before, I will give makeup tutorial using Professional Cantik Manis Gel Eyeliner that I reviewed before. This makeup look is kind of smokey eyes but, it is more simple and easier! I usually use this kind of makeup to go out at night, to hang out with my friends, or other activity at night time. I found this look is very simple, and I got the inspiration from Hannah Cho, she is famous in Youtube not just because the beauty product review, but I love all her stuffs and thoughts! :)

Are you ready? Let's start from the beginning...
Beauty Cream Nature Basic Concealer (review here)
Maybelline Unstoppable Black Pencil Eyeliner
Viva Black Eyebrow Pencil
Professional Cantik Manis Black Gel Eyeliner (review here)
MAC Eye Shadow
Maybelline Volum Express Cat Eyes Mascara

Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation 12 Natural Foundation 
Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Natural Powder Foundation
Revlon Powder Blush 05 Berry Rich Blush On
Sylva Serene Coral Lipstick

From left to right:
Eyelashes curler, cheek brush, small eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush, blend eyeshadow brush, gel eyeliner brush

Step 1 & 2:
I applied concealer under my eyes, and other spots that I want to cover. And I applied liquid foundation to get smoother and flawless look. Oh, before I did all that, I didn't forget to put on my face moisturizer.
(sorry for blur photo, I made a mistake!) 

Step 3:
I filled my eyebrow with black eyebrow pencil. And brush it to make it more natural.

Step 4:
I applied black pencil eyeliner in inner upper line of my eyes to get stronger look. (I always do this before I apply my eye makeup)

Step 5:
By using the same black pencil eyeliner, I marked my eyes way a little bit higher that my eyelid, because that's the spot where I will fill it with the gel eyeliner.

Step 6:
I filled my eyelid with gel eyeliner. Apply it slowly until the whole part under the mark. Don't worry about the rest of the black pencil mark.

This is my eye looks like when I open it.

Step 7:
I applied black eyeshadow on top the line that I made before. I used small eyeshadow brush.

Step 8:
I applied white glittery eyeshadow on top the black eyeshadow. I use the blend brush (the bigger one).

These are the colors that I use.

Step 9:
I lined my bottom line of my eye, from the outer corner to the middle with black pencil eyeliner. Then I smudge it.

Step 10:
I curled my top and bottom lashes, and applied mascara, thick one.

Step 11, 12, & 13:
I applied powder foundation, blush my cheek, and put on lipstick. VOILA!

So, what do you think about this tutorial? Ooo, this look suits for monolid eyes! :) I hope you like my tutorial. You can comment or tweet me @notjustbeauty. Or you can twitpic me with this look! I will be very excited if you are. :)

Thank you for reading, my readers. :*

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photo Editing is Just A New Hobby of Mine

Hey, everyone! Today I will not share to you about beauty, or fashion. I just want to share a new hobby of mine, which is photo editing! This is just for fun actually. I edited several photos with my blackberry and Fotoflexer. And let me tell you, this is JUST FOR FUN. Lol.

By the way, Happy Sunday!

Edited with Blackberry and Fotoflexer
Glasses: Random

Edited with Blackberry Photo Editor and Fotoflexer
Curling Iron: Babyliss (review here)

Edited with Fotoflexer
Basketball Jersey: gifted

Edited by Blackberry Photo Editor and FotoFlexer

Thank you for reading (and checking out my pictures), my readers. :*

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review: Professional Cantik Manis Gel Eyeliner

Hello, everyone! Today I'll review a beauty product that I can't find in Indonesia, but the brand uses Indonesian language! Unique rite? I will review Professional Cantik Manis Gel Eyeliner. This is my first gel eyeliner actually (since I'm a new comer in beauty world). And I found this gel eyeliner in Hongkong. And the storekeeper said that this is the best seller one in one of  drugstores there. So, I bought it.

And I curious with the brand, I thought this is Indonesian brand tho! After that I googled it and I found that this is Japanese brand. I still don't know why Japan use Indonesian words for this brand. Anyone knows? :p But after all the history, I love this eyeliner, it is solid and I can wear for a long time. 

This is the packaging. I didn't lie rite? :p

It came along with the eyeliner brush.

This is the gel eyeliner looks like.

This is the gel eyeliner looks like when applied to my skin.

What I love?
  • Solid, makes easy to apply.
  • Waterproof, long wear.
  • Not expensive at all!
  • It creates very dark black.
What I hate?
  • Kinda easy to harden, so I have to mix it with water.
  • The eyeliner brush is not really good. :(
  • Forgot! But definitely under IDR 100000
  • Yes, if I have trip to Hongkong. :p
  • Of course!
If anyone know the history of this product, let me know! I mean, we should be proud as Indonesian to have our language used as Japan beauty product! Or perhaps anyone of you use this brand also? You may comment or tweet me @notjustbeauty. (ps: wait for my tutorial with this product!)

Thank you for reading, my readers. :*

Friday, April 13, 2012

Tutorial: My Everyday (Soft) Makeup Look

Hello, everyone! Today I will show you how I did my everyday makeup, the soft one. I usually use this kinda look to go to the mall, or cafe, or anywhere in the afternoon. Because, this look is suitable for day-look. I love this look because, it is just simple, bright, and perfect for simple occasion. Usually, I only need 15 minutes to create this look. Are you excited? I AM. Because this is my first tutorial. *smile*

Let's start from the beginning..

Beauty Cream Nature Basic Concealer (review here)
ZA Eyes Vibrante E3 Eye Shadow
The Make Up Store Darkest Shadow Soft Matte Black Pencil Eyeliner
Rubotan Line Liquid Black Eyeliner
Maybelline The Magnum Volum Express Waterproof Mascara
Viva Black Eyebrow Pencil
NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil 906 White Pencil Eyeliner (review here)

Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation 12 Natural Foundation
Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Natural Powder Foundation
Revlon Powder Blush 05 Berry Rich Blush On
Sylva Serene Coral Lipstick

These are the makeup tools. Simple one!

Step 1 and Step 2:
I put on concealer under my eye, and in other spot that I want to cover. After that I apply foundation around my face and my neck, just with my finger tip. 

Step 3:
I fill my eyebrow with black eyebrow pencil. I always use black one, because I think it really suits me. Don't you think? :p

Step 4:
I apply black pencil eyeliner along my upper line of my eye. It creates deeper look of the eye. Agree?

Step 5:
I apply soft pink color from the eye-shadow pallet on my eyelid until outer corner of my eye. It sparkles!

Step 6:
Then, apply the soft gold color on top the soft pink color.

Step 7:
 Then, I highlight my brow bone with sparkle white color to get brighter look.

Step 8:
After that, I apply black liquid eyeliner. I make a little wing. :)

Step 9 & 10:
Then, I apply black pencil eyeliner in the outer corner of my eye until half length of my eye. Then I continue applying white eyeliner until the inner corner of my eye. And I also apply white eyeliner in the inner corner of my eye to get brighter look. Then, I curl my lashes, and apply mascara. :)

Step 11 & 12:
I cover the whole look with powder foundation and blush my cheek. 

Step 13:
Last, I apply my soft pink lipstick! Voila... :)

So, what do you think? I really like this look. This is casual look, not too much, but still kinda has pretty look. 


Do you like it? Please do comment or tweet me @notjustbeauty

Thank you for reading, my readers. :*