Sunday, July 1, 2012

Review: Caring Colours Eye Shadow

Heloo Ladies! Another review for today. I did a lot of review on eye-makeup, yes because I think eye-makeup is the most thing that I can explore with. :) Today I want to review Caring Colours Eye Shadow, and I choose type 03 Shadow Fantazia. It is blue, fresh, and so summer! But, I also wear this color to work for refreshing looks.

This is the packaging. Simple one.

Closer to the colors.

These are the colors. Blue gradation.

This is how I implement in my eyes. Pretty good huh?

This is with flash.

What do you think? As you know Caring Colours is product from Martha Tilaar, Indonesian local brand. We should be proud that we have brand with good quality!

What I Love?
  • the blue color is refreshing and pop
  • good implementation
  • good lasting time (up to 7 hours), with eye-base
  • Gliterry, but not too glittery
  • cheap and can be bought at supermarket
What I hate?
  • almost nothing, just the too simple packaging
  • IDR 45000, discounted from IDR 50 something thousand
  • Yes, in other colors!
  • Absolutely
What do you think Ladies? do you love the color? For me, I don't use bright color a lot, but I really love this color tho. Please comment or tweet me @notjustbeauty.

Thank you for reading, my readers. :*

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