Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Accessories Haul: Summer Colors!

Heloo Ladies.. This is my first accessories haul. I LOVE ACCESSORIES. I have quite a lot of it, and just can't help it if I found something cute. :) Since I've been living in Bali, I love summer colors, yes summer always in Bali. :) I want to share some accessories that I purchased in June. Here you go!

Bracelet from Sukawati Market, Ubud.
IDR 5000 each! :)

Rainbow color necklace from Stroberi
IDR 116000

Blue hairband
IDR 20000

I love summer color. Bright and fresh for Bali's weather. :D What do you think? You like it? Please do comment or tweet me @notjustbeauty

Thank you for reading my readers. :*

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