Saturday, June 23, 2012

June: A Month of Gifts!

Hellooooo.. Long time no post! I have been missing you girls.. I barely don't have time to write, or even open my laptop! But today, I will, and I must! :) Today I will share with you 2 gifts that I got in June.. June is totally my month! Coz it is my birthdaayyy montth *excited* Do you wanna know?

SKIN FOOD PACKAGE (Thank you my brother! :*)

This is the packaging box. So nature kinda thing. :)

This is when I open the box. (I haven't tried them yet! :p)

Left: Grapefruit hand clean wash
Right: Grape Sparkling Water Eau De Toilette


Left: L'oreal Total Repair Shampoo
Middle: L'oreal Total Repair Conditioner
Right: L'oreal Total Repair Hair Mask
I got this gift when I filled up online quiz, I didn't win, but they still give me this! How nice ya?

I just want to say THANK YOU for the gifts. Simple things do mean for me. :) For the Skin Food package, I haven't tried it out, who is curious for the review? Stay tune to my blog would ya? :D You may comment or tweet me @notjustbeauty for anything about my blog! :) Adios..

Thank you for reading, my readers... :* 


  1. waouu... very lucky leh :)
    anyway, happy birthday, more bless coming into your life :)
    sorry if late or too early for wishing you.. :)