Friday, March 30, 2012

My Hair is My Baby

Hello ladies, sisters, mothers, or brothers? (haha). Do you watch American Idol? Do you remember what did Colton Dixon said about his unique hair? Here is his word, "My hair is my baby". Yes, I feel you, Colton! :) Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to have very long, black, straight, all natural hair. I'm 23 and proud to say that I LOVE MY HAIR very much! 

Let me tell you the history of my hair (easy, this is short one. :p). I never straighten or curly my hair permanently. From I was a little girl, I never do anything to my hair. If I go to the hair salon, I usually just cut my hair, blow dry, or creambath. I never do anything beside those things. I'm not a 'salon person' if you know what I mean.

The length of my hair is almost reach my hips. And usually long hair's problem is split ends, but I don't have any! Let me say, my hair almost never has any problems. The only problem that I had was when I used wrong hair products. I used to try one of shampoo, and my scalp became very itchy and created dandruff. I was really stress out. But now, I have finally found my hair's BFF! Or technically, the products that I've been using for at least 1 and a half years. And also, my hair technology (weird) that I've been using to style or just play around, hehehe.

Hair products that I've been using.

1. L'oreal Smooth-Intense Ultra Rich Nourishing Shampoo (left at the back)
I've been using this shampoo around 1 and a half years, and since I've used this shampoo, I'm no longer having hair problem. It makes my hair smoother, and anti-frizz. Like seriously, no joke. This shampoo contains Argan Oil + Silk Protein for very frizzy, coarse, and untamable hair. I loooovee this product very much, it makes my hair really easy to comb, and style. I think I will use this like, forever.

2. L'oreal Smooth-Intense Caring Conditioner (right at the back)
Washing hair is not complete without conditioner. So, I always use conditioner every time I wash my hair. This conditioner is the same type with my shampoo, which is "smooth intense". This conditioner contains Nutrileum + Silk Protein which can make my hair smoother than ever! I always use conditioner at the end of my hair, because the frizz part of my hair is only at the end.

3. L'oreal Smooth-Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask (left at the front)
I'm kinda person who like 1 type or brand of a product, so I also use the same brand for my hair mask. I mean, it's useless rite if we don't use all the product range? So, I tried this hair mask, and I LOVE IT. This is the best of all. My hair becomes very smooth as silk, trust me. This is actually 1 minute mask, but I usually put this mask and use shower cap to cover it for about 15 minutes. And when I rinse my hair, it becomes really great! I use this hair mask once a week, like I told you before, I rarely come to the hair salon. This product right here, you have to give a shot.

4. Ellips Hair Vitamin Shiny Black (right at the front)
Last but not least, hair vitamin. I use this vitamin for about a half year. And I already feel the result. This vitamin contains candle nut, aloe vera oil, UV protectant, vitamin A & E, and pro vitamin B5. A lot huh? Yes, and they all work! This product is very affordable and you can find in any drugstore. I always use this product after my hair a half dry, and I wipe it at the end of my hair, so it creates more shine.

These are my hair technology(s).

1. BaByliss ipro230iCurl 
This hair styling product is smart! It has 2 functions in 1 product. So, this thing can make my hair straight, or curly. Amazing isn't it??? I've been using this product less than half year, and I love it. Because it's really practical, and easy to use. The iron has total protection for your hair and makes smooth and intense shine. And the most important, it has level of heat, and on/off button. So that we can set the level of the heat. It was a little bit pricey but, it was all worth it!

2. Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NE11-v
Actually, I got this for free recently. Somehow my dad gave this to me (kinda strange). This is hair dryer (obviously!). But let me tell you it works really fast! Because this product has quick dry nozzle and ion. I don't really understand but seriously no joke, this thing dries my hair very quickly (I use middle level heat). And another thing that I love about this product is its size. The size is quiet small and easy to use. 

So, I already share my hair products and hair styling products. Could you please share yours? I want to know! If you love to, you can comment, or follow me @notjustbeauty on Twitter. 



  1. thanks for sharing ^^
    my favourite hair product now is Dove nourishing oil shampoo and conditioner. It is really makes my hair feel so soft and smooth :)
    and for hair mask, my HG hair mask is Everline Structura hair maschera.

    1. thanks Shasha for sharing too! I also tried Dove shampoo, but it didn't work for me. I used Dove conditioner also, and my hair became very dry instead. So, I tried L'oreal and really works for me. However, the result is different for every person. Lucky us we got our hair BFF! :)