Monday, April 2, 2012

My Lampung Trip!

Hello again, friends! I just got back from my short sweet trip to Lampung. Me and my family spent 2 days and 1 night at Lampung, actually the reason we went to Lampung is to visit my grandfather grave. But, other than that I really enjoyed my trip, with a little bit of culinary experience and exciting views from the hotel that I was staying! 

Since I was a little kid, I always go to Bandar Lampung like twice every year. My family always go there because Bandar Lampung is where my mom spent here childhood. But, in the past 4 years I've never been to Bandar Lampung anymore. So, this trip was really exciting! I just want to share some photos, and telling you girls (and guys) how amazing Bandar Lampung is, even though Bandar Lampung is a small city.

The first thing that we did when arriving at Bandar Lampung was checking in at the hotel. We live at Novotel Lampung. And the hotel is famous for the view, and yes it was! Luckily, me and my mom got a very nice room at 11th floor with 2 side view which were the seaview and the mountain view. It was amazing, especially in the afternoon (when the sun really brights) and the night (when all the city lights turn on). 

This is the mountain view. Beautiful!

This is the sea view. I like this one more.

These are the hotel view. The hotel has infinity swimming pool.
(ps: I stole this photo from my brother's iPhone, :p)

This is the hotel looks like. It's a very big hotel in a small city.

So, the views are extraordinary right? I love the views very much. How about you? But wait, I'm not gonna share only about the view, but I will share some pictures that good for your appetite. Yes, food! I love food. And my mom took me to try some of the local food there. The highlight of my culinary trip are Pempek 88 and Bubur Umar. Here some of the pictures.

 This is my favorite of all Pempek variants. Pempek panggang, ladies! 

These are variants of Pempek. Lampung local food.

This is Bubur Soto. Regular chicken porridge, with Soto soup added! I never find this food in my city tho.

I'm really sorry ladies to post this delicious photos in my blog, and perhaps I just ruined your diet! Hehe. But, yes, even though Bandar Lampung is a small city, it has a lot of culture, culinary, and good places to see. And my favorite thing is there was no traffic jam at all, not like my current city. It was too bad I just visit ed for 2 days. I want travel more in Lampung. Or may be, you interest to visit Lampung after I post these pictures?? I bet you are! Please, do tell me your comment of this city story or tweet me in @notjustbeauty

Thank you for reading, my readers.


  1. Aku dari Lampung juga lho... Itu Novotel hotel baru n emang bagusss.. ^^ Pemandangannya TOP!

    1. Iya, bagus pemandangan dari Novotelnya. Tapi aku bukan dari Lampung lho. :)
      Thank you for comment!