Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Ultimate: Nature Basic Beauty Cream

Hey, Ladies (and gentlemen)! Today I'm gonna tell you my ultimate beauty product which perhaps you never know, or a few of you that know this product (or may be I'm too over-confident, lol). This product called Nature Basic Beauty Cream, it's a cream concealer. I choose the natural one.

I actually bought this product by accident. I was looking for other brand of concealer, and suddenly the saleswoman told me that this product is way better than any concealer. I didn't believe her, then I left. Suddenly, I was thinking that I ran out of concealer and I have to buy one! So, I came back to the store, and bought it. From the packaging, you may think that this product is fake, or unofficial product. In fact, I have been googling it, and I can't find any information about the product. So, I don't know anything about where the product from! But, the saleswoman convinced me that this product is safe and doesn't create acne or pimples. By all the faith that I have, I bought it! :)

These pictures are the packaging of the product. Suspicious right? :)

This is the cream applied to my skin.

This picture shows the difference between my left eye, and my right eye. On left you can see my eye without any makeup, and for the right I use the concealer but without any powder. Can you spot the difference?

What I love?
  • The texture is very smooth and creamy, not oily.
  • Easy to apply with finger tip.
  • Very nice natural color that blend very well.
  • And it long lasting up to I think 4 hours.
What I hate?
  • The packaging, so not classy. Haha
  • Not really work on dry skin.
  • YES
  • IDR 100000
I think I will keep using this concealer until I find the better one. So, for now, this is my ultimate concealer everybody! I was wondering that is there any one of you has the same product? Or may be you have your own ultimate concealer? If you want to ask more about this product, please comment, or tweet me at @notjustbeauty.

Thank you for reading, my readers.