Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Transform: From Plain Casual to More Stylish!

Hey, Ladies (and gentlemen)! This is my 2nd fashion post after this one. And today I will show you how to transform your casual outfit to more stylish look (in my version, of course). I bet you all ladies have items that I will show you which are plain tank top, cardigan, and jeans (for sure). Like I'm wearing in the pictures below.

(Sorry for 'grumpy' face. LOL)
Shoes: Crocs

BUT, with a few items to add, this casual look can be more stylish. Check out the pictures below.

White Tank Top: Random Bazaar in KL
Orange Redish Cardigan: Cotton On
Blue Jeans: Nudie
Scarf: Random Factory Outlet in Bogor
Brown Belt: Random Bazaar
Nude Wedges Shoes: Vincci

So, those pictures above show the final look of my version from casual to more stylish look. You may use any bright colored cardigan. For different look, I tuck my tank top into my jeanswear brown belt, and add printed scarf. And then, I fold my jeans inside to show more leg skin to look taller (am I?). Hehe. And don't forget to add some accessories

Brown Belt: Random Bazaar
Snake Ring: Naughty (same here)
Nail Polish: Revlon (same here)

Nude Wedges Shoes: Vincci

Love Bracelet (left): Forever 21
Bracelets (right): Random Store in Mangga Dua
Snake Ring: Naughty (same here)
Nail Polish: Revlon (same here

So, that's the look! What do you think? This look actually works for skinny to plus-size woman like me. Tell me what you think! You can comment or tweet me at @notjustbeauty

Thank you for reading, my readers. :*

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