Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil

Hey, Ladies (and gentlemen)! This is my 2nd review after this one. I am going to review my NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil. I use it as a eyeliner, and I choose 906 White color. I always use this pencil to have bigger and brighter eye-looks, and it does work! I only use this pencil along my bottom waterline, and inner corner of my eye to make it brighter

These are the packaging.

This is the tip of the pencil looks like.

This is the color looks like when applied to skin.

What I love?
  • The white color makes eyes look brighter and bigger.
  • Texture of the pencil is very smooth and soft.
  • Long-stay color and waterproof.
What I hate?
  • Almost nothing except I have to shave it with pencil shaver. :)
  • Yes, in other colors too.
  • IDR 50000
So, anyone of you use the same product or the same color with me? Do share or comment or you may follow me on Twitter @notjustbeauty

Thank you for reading, readers. *kiss*

Ps: I use this product in my look and my tutorial. Please check them out. :)


  1. Yeah, I sometimes so 'males' to use pencil sharpener too, but the color payoff is good..
    Nice review! Keep blogging yaaa... ^^

    1. Yes, the color is amazing! Cuma agak males aja nyerut2.. hehe. Thank you and I will! :)