Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick

Hey, ladies (and gentlemen)! Today, I'm gonna review my Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick which I purchased in my trip to Taiwan. Just for your information, Etude House brand in Taiwan is so MUCH CHEAPER than in Indonesia. So, if you have trip to Taiwan, don't forget to shop at Etude House, there are a lot of Etude House store there! I was so excited! :)

So, the color that I have is #05 Silver Milky Way. It has a big size color stick for size of an eye. Actually, I love to use this eye stick to highlight my inner corner of my eyes to get brighter eye look

These are the Bling Bling Eye Stick Packaging

The size is almost same with my pinkie finger.

This is the color looks like when applied to skin.

What I love?
  • Glittery color, which makes my eyes look brighter.
  • The packaging, I just have to roll it up and down to used or not to used.
  • I can use this eye stick for a long time.
What I hate?
  • Big round tip, which makes me to use it more carefully and slowly, especially for the inner corner of my eye. The rest is fine.
  • I don't think so, because I can use this for a long time. Maybe in other colors.
So, Which one of you have the same product? Tell me if do you think the same way or not! You can ask me more about this product through comment or my Twitter account at @notjustbeauty.

Thank you for reading, my readers. *kiss*


  1. Love love the color, I would love to use this in the future... Did the price is waaaayyy cheaper? Really?

    1. Yes. Honestly I forgot how much this is. :p But things that I remember which I bought also in Etude House Taiwan was BB Cream (I'll review it also!). I bought for IDR 165000. And recently I saw the same BB Cream, and the price is over IDR 300000. So I think it goes the same way with this eyestick, so much cheaper. If I'm really really not mistaken, the price for Bling Bling Eye Stick was IDR 25000. :)

    2. ikutan komen ya hehehe di taiwan harganya cuman 25rb say? murah bangettt jauh kalau dibandingin harga di counter indo ya >_<
      Nanya donk, kamu pakainya di waterline kah? tahan berapa lama say?
      btw thanks for the review~~

    3. Halo. Iya, itu kalo ga salah ya.. Aku beli ga sampai belasan NT. Dan 1 NT kan 300 perak. Jadi kira2 segitu lah ya. Emang murah banget, apalagi di Korea aslinya yah! :)
      Aku ga pake di waterline, dan Bling Bling Eye Stick ini bukan produk yang dipake di waterline. Aku biasanya pakai di sudut mata bagian dalam, atau kelopak mata. Tahannya lama kok, cuma memang kalau sudah lebih dari 5jam, yang kelihatan glitternya aja, warna udah gak begitu. Tapi produk ini recommended! :)
      Thanks for comment!

    4. oh gitu ya..soalnya kemarin sempat baca2 ada yg pakai di waterline hehehe.. makasi ya penjelasannya ^^

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    1. Thank you. I saw your blog, I still followed even though I don't understand Mexican, love it too!