Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review: Professional Cantik Manis Gel Eyeliner

Hello, everyone! Today I'll review a beauty product that I can't find in Indonesia, but the brand uses Indonesian language! Unique rite? I will review Professional Cantik Manis Gel Eyeliner. This is my first gel eyeliner actually (since I'm a new comer in beauty world). And I found this gel eyeliner in Hongkong. And the storekeeper said that this is the best seller one in one of  drugstores there. So, I bought it.

And I curious with the brand, I thought this is Indonesian brand tho! After that I googled it and I found that this is Japanese brand. I still don't know why Japan use Indonesian words for this brand. Anyone knows? :p But after all the history, I love this eyeliner, it is solid and I can wear for a long time. 

This is the packaging. I didn't lie rite? :p

It came along with the eyeliner brush.

This is the gel eyeliner looks like.

This is the gel eyeliner looks like when applied to my skin.

What I love?
  • Solid, makes easy to apply.
  • Waterproof, long wear.
  • Not expensive at all!
  • It creates very dark black.
What I hate?
  • Kinda easy to harden, so I have to mix it with water.
  • The eyeliner brush is not really good. :(
  • Forgot! But definitely under IDR 100000
  • Yes, if I have trip to Hongkong. :p
  • Of course!
If anyone know the history of this product, let me know! I mean, we should be proud as Indonesian to have our language used as Japan beauty product! Or perhaps anyone of you use this brand also? You may comment or tweet me @notjustbeauty. (ps: wait for my tutorial with this product!)

Thank you for reading, my readers. :*


  1. wow i was so surprised bw its name and it's not from Indonesia but from Japan. hahaha :D

    it looks really black :)
    thanx for sharing :D

    1. Yes, me too. It is black and long-wear also.
      Your welcome, Rini. :)

  2. haha mungkin yg bikin org indo yang tinggal di Jepang? it has a good pay off color tho! thx for reviewing this. hehe mind follow my blog and check my blog too, dear?
    thx and have a good day! :))

    1. Followed! :)
      Iya mungkin aja orang Jepang keturunan Indo ya. Atau orang Jepang yang cinta sama Indonesia, :p My next post is my 2nd tutorial using this gel eyeliner! Please check it out ya.. :)